Friday, February 22, 2013

Graphic 45 - Film Canister Album - In Campagna (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of my Graphic 45 - Film Canister Album.  So I'm finally finished and I'm pretty happy with the overall look.  The tin really took very little time once I got over the false starts.  It's not quite what I imagined, but that seems to be my style of creation...I start with an idea, it doesn't work and then I just wing it.  Winging it seems to work for me!!!  But sometimes I wish things would go as planned.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Graphic 45 - Film Canister Album - In Campagna

Ok, so first off I have to say...I do NOT have the attention span for mini albums!!!  And the sad thing is I fully intend to create at least another 2.  I think it was working in miniture that I found difficult.  I am definitely a 12x12" Scrapper or a maker of Off the Page items...however now it's finished I'm pretty happy with it.  The Metal Canister hasn't been decorated yet.  I will be doing that later and when finished I'll post more photos.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Live well, laugh often, love much

Schools back! East coast went back last week and the West started back this week. Love the Summer holiday break, so now I am looking forward to the next lot of holidays :)

Being back into a routine I might just find a bit more time for me and hopefully get to play with all the wonderful goodies that Veronica and Bridget so generously send our way. Here is a layout using more gorgeous products from my DT kit.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Those of you who know me or who have followed my story - I have been living in Italy for the past 17+ months while still managing Wild About Scrap with help in Australia for the hands-on stuff.  During this time I have not seen one scrappy piece of anything except what I see through the Internet - thank-you Facebook & Blogger!!!  Finally I cracked....last winter was TERRIBLE - wet and cold and I did nothing except read, sleep and eat....this winter I decided would be different....and it is!  It's sunny and warm to start with and last week I received what I've called my "care package" from the lovely Bridget who is helping me with the store.  So, for my very first creation in over 18 months, I'd like to show you one where I have both used a subject foreign to me (a baby), plus products and techniques I haven't used before....I never said I did anything the easy way. :)