Monday, September 8, 2014

Graphic 45 - Bird Song - Mini Pocket Book


I have something a little bit different to show you today - a Mini  Pocket Page Album....

Cute - isn't it!!  This little project is a great way to use up smaller leftover pieces of patterned paper.
First step is to cut a piece of cardstock to 8 1/2 " x 11".  Score along the 11" side at 2 7/8", 3", 5 7/8", 6 1/8", 9" and 9 1/4". Then - cut out the small section side pieces as shown and cut the three squares in half as shown.  Note the piece at the top is shorter - this is your closing flap.

Now to decorate, you will need 11 x 7cmx7cm square panels to cover all your sections, adhere these into position (6 on this side of the photo and 5 on the other side).  Next, cut a half circle from the edges of the smaller flaps using a circle punch then fold the smaller flaps inwards, adhere using mounting tape to create pockets. Cover these and cover the top flap inside and outside with co-ordinating paper pieces.

Inside view and view with flaps folded in.

I created a little closure slide from a length of the same cardstock and paper pieces, closing with a ribbon.

This is a side view of the Mini Pocket Book folded up.

This would make a great little gift for a friend - photos could be added or small mementos could be tucked into the pockets.

Products used:

  • Graphic 45 - Bird Song Collection - Jasmine Dream 12x12 paper
  • Graphic 45 - Bird Song Collection - Shanghai Girls 12x12 paper
  • 12x12 Cardstock
  • Rhinestones and ribbon

I was inspired to create this Mini Pocket Page Album from a Youtube tutorial by Kathy Orta.
Thanks Kathy!

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  1. Hi Shell, thank so much for stopping by my blog. I'm going to start following yours. You did a great job with your mini book. Kathy does have the best ideas.