Saturday, December 7, 2013

Paper Mache - Star Ornaments

I've been busy the last  few days making these cute little star ornaments from Darice.  They're something that I put aside from last Christmas to make this year.  I seriously thought these would be extremely fiddly and difficult to decorate, but they couldn't be easier!  You can make them as simply or elaborately as you like and they will still look great on the tree.... :) 

I made mine in 4 different styles, but using the same paper collection.  I did this as I was keen to try out different techniques.  However for a consistent look for your tree you'd be best to select a "look"  that you want and stick with it.  However I love all of mine!
Materials used:
  • Darice Paper Mache Star Ornaments - 2x2" and 2x3" (total of 4 Stars)
  • Fancy Pants - Home For Christmas 6"x6" Paper Pad
  • Craft Glue - general purpose craft glue
  • Tim Holtz idea-Ology - Paper String
  • Glimmer Mist - Pearl
  • Glimmer Glam - Tinsel Town
  • Clearsnap - Fairy Dusty - Pralines & Cream
  • Tsukineko Glue Pad
  • Clearsnap Top Boss Embossing Powder -  Verdigris
  • Ranger Embossing Pad
  • Want 2 Scrap - Rhinestones Clear
  • Ribbon strips
  • Bells
  • Ranger Adirondack Paint Dabbers - Lettuce & Espresso (optional)
Step 1 (optional) - I painted the stars - front and back - with Adirondack Paint Dabbers - I wasn't sure when I began whether I was going to cover the entire ornament with paper or if maybe some parts would still be visible.  They did look good painted so could be left that way.

Step 2 - cover with pattern paper.  This was done one side of the star at a time, leaving time for the glue to dry between sides.  First paint the star with a general purpose craft glue....I have used a bit too much in the picture below. :) 
Place the star on the paper so that the point  in the centre is the only part touching the paper.  Keep star balanced with one hand and with the other, gently, but firmly, smooth the paper onto the star.  Starting from centre point and moving to the outside edges, run your finger along the ridge and in the groves smoothing the paper and any wrinkles.  You will need to hold the star and keep smoothing until it adheres to the ornament.
To help keep the shape while the glue dries and help stop the paper from lifting off, squeeze the corners of the each of the points making creases - you can see the creases running through the paper in the photo above.
Once dried completely, trim as close as possible to the ornament and repeat for the other side.  Sanding of the edges may also be necessary.

Step 3 - Before gluing the second side of paper, I also added loops of ribbon in place of the gold string which I personally don't like the look of.  I made the loops much longer than the originals as I find the strings are never long enough when attaching to the tree!

Step 4 - I  wasn't happy with the naked look of the edges.  To fix this I used paper string glued to the edges.  Other ideas could be Washi Tape run around the edges or narrow ribbon. 

The paper string was surprisingly easy to adhere.  I first painted the edges of the Star with craft glue and then starting at the midpoint of the bottom of the star, I ran the paper string along the edge, pressing firmly into place as I went. 

Step 5 - Now comes the fun part of decorating the star!  Seriously though, the stars are now ready to hang and you could leave them as is....but if you want to have some fun keep reading...

Star 1 - sprayed with Glimmer Mist Pearl and decorated with clear rhinestones.  Two bells were tied together paper string and glued to the centre as a finishing touch.
Star 2 - Using the Tsukineko  Glue Pad Refill I let the glue run down from centre of the star and ridges and then sprinkled Fairy Dusty over the a bit careful as Fairy Dust is very fine glitter and gets everywhere including your eyes.  To finish off a piece of paper string was tied diagonally across and a bell attached.  The ends of the paper string were curled around the end of a paintbrush to give the curls.

Star 3 - I ran the embossing pad along the ridges of the star pressing lightly.  Then sprinkled with the Verdigris embossing powder and set with my heat gun.  Another strip of paper string, ends curled, and a bell finish this star.

Star 4 - was painted  with Glimmer Glam Tinsel Town.  I tried for a roughly painted look, but the Glimmer Glam ran down the star too well and I ended up with fairly even coverage.  I really liked the look of this star without ornament so only added a simple bell to the hanger.

The back sides of all the stars were painted with Glimmer Mist Pearl to give a nice sheen!

I hope I've given you some inspiration for making your own ornaments.  These really couldn't have been easier to make and so much nicer than buying from the store!  Wouldn't it be nice to make one for every member of your family?  Maybe add the initial of their name or a small photo????

Happy creating everyone!

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