Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tokyo Disneyland


Disneyland is one of my absolute favourite places in the whole world!!  I could spend days and days there! Sorry to say we had just over half a day there on this trip.....

I have created two pages of Disney goodness to show you - first of all I would like to talk about some of my reasons for scrapbooking the way that I do.   Since the digital camera has entered my life - (eek thinking about it - 10 years ago - shhh) I must have taken a squillion photos!  So every now and then - not as often as I would like (sound familiar) I print out a few selected photos, scrapbook them and place them in albums for memory purposes - it is really enjoyable to sit down and peruse these albums.  Also I like to collect postcards, brochures, tickets, other cards etc from trips or outings I have been on and create pages with these - which is what I have used to create these two layouts.

Inspiration:  "Trinkets", stickers and postcards....

Collectors Cards, stickers and a photo.

To create these layouts, first, choose your background paper - I have chosen Graphic 45 - Bird Song Collection - Longevity.  With this sort of scrapbooking - memorabilia -  there is so many bits and pieces and there is already a lot of colour - I needed to choose a background paper that was not too 'busy'.
With this many elements to be placed on my layouts there was no need for any more embellishments other than what I had already collected. So, it was just a case of decide where you would like to place what and adhere them down!

I double layered the background page with a red layer and a yellow layer to draw your attention to the colours in the '30' as it is Tokyo Disneylands' 30th Year. 

The "Happiness" Year.

Products used for these layouts:
  • Graphic 45 - Bird Song Collection - Longevity
  • Red and yellow plain 12x12 papers
  • Rhinestones

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